Liane Aung

I feel so lucky to have gone from a tiny mover to a professional. I started my training in competitive dance and thought that was the only genre that existed until college. That’s when my true love for dance started to form. I graduated from UC Irvine with a BFA and was excited, prepared and confident.

Naturally, I experienced obstacles that felt like massive failures. I dove into other artistic inspirations and different genres of dance. That spark of inspiration brought me to find a community of lifelong friends with Entity Contemporary Dance Company and an athletic push with Backhausdance Company. Having a variety helped provide me with a more versatile toolbox. From there, I leapt into a love affair with dance that I followed all the way to Europe. For three months I traveled solo to dance, audition and feed my soul. That journey led me to NYC where I primarily freelanced with Yin Yue Dance Company. It was in NYC that I experienced my most trying times, but I loved every moment.

In those moments of vulnerability your perspective shifts. Before these experiences, I treated becoming a dancer as an achievement or trophied accomplishment, but it’s about the journey, the process in the studio, the people you meet and the privilege to share intimate experiences. Those lessons led me straight to Seattle where I now head into my fourth season with contemporary dance company Whim W’Him.