My life in the arts began at the age of three, when I followed my two sisters into a dance studio. I spent my early childhood performing with local children’s theaters and competitive dance studios throughout my hometown in Minnesota. As a boy aspiring to be in the arts, facing adversity was not always easy. I often felt different than my peers, and it became clear to me during academic school hours. Quitting dance seemed like the surest way to stop the harassment, but giving in would have meant walking away from the very thing that gave my life meaning. Performing became my escape to a place where I felt accepted and fulfilled. 

When I was 15, I ventured off to the Juilliard School in New York City for my first summer away from home. This experience opened my eyes to the possibilities of a life in dance, and I was completely enticed. With the committed support of my parents, I immersed myself in the dance world. I enrolled in Minnesota Dance Theater, a local ballet school and company, where I began the overdue process of refining my technique. The next two summers were spent at the School of American Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet School. Seattle became my new home at the age of 17, and I joined PNB the following year. 

This summer marks my fifth year dancing in Seattle. In addition to dancing the repertoire of PNB, I have had the opportunity to attend the summer programs of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and Netherlands Dans Theater. I am extremely grateful that I am living out my childhood dream today. I look forward to every moment I get to share this wonderful art.

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