When I was six years old, I had no clue how my simple childhood desire for sugar would become life-altering. My older sister was taking Irish dance lessons here in Seattle, and her teacher gave out candy as a reward for those who worked the hardest or practiced the most. The top reward? Rolo’s! Within no time at all, I had joined my sister, and we were dancing ourselves silly. This is when my dance journey began.

It feels like I've come a long way since the Rolo days: I've (almost) stopped Irish dancing; I spent eight years learning ballet and modern techniques across Europe; and I now create dances, not just perform in them. 

More than twenty years have passed since my first dance lessons. I'm back in Seattle, dancing on my old stomping grounds again. I still do dumb things with my sister, but hey, at least I've grown out of that candy dependency.

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