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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Seattle Dance Collective is proud to work with so many individuals representing Asian and Pacific Islander heritage, all of whom have contributed greatly to the success of our organization. As we honor our AAPI friends and colleagues, we encourage you to do the same for yours.


Noelani Pantastico - Co-Founder/Artistic Director, Dancer

James Yoichi Moore - Co-Founder/Artistic Director, Dancer

Liane Aung - Dancer

Angelica Generosa - Dancer

Jim Kent - Dancer

Yuki Takahashi - Newsletter Editor

Leah Terada - Dancer

Lindsay Thomas - Photographer/Videographer

Paul Matheson - Webmaster

Reed Nakayama - Lighting Designer

AAPI Resources

To learn more about how to support the AAPI community, we have listed just a few places to get started:


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