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James Yoichi Moore in The Space Between Us © Henry Wurtz


Creativity Perseveres 

Forced to cancel SDC’s  second season of live performances, Founders and Artistic Directors Noelani Pantastico and James Yoichi Moore embarked on a reimagining of how to carry out their vision for the company by finding unconventional ways to foster collaboration between choreographers and dancers. The resulting creations were choreographed and rehearsed via multiple video calls, and then captured on film. Dancers involved in the same piece were already sheltering-in-place together, or filmed separately to maintain safe social distance from each other.  


Continuum: Bridging the Distance includes five works of art performed by members of Seattle Dance Collective and filmed by Seattle-based filmmaker Henry Wurtz. Each piece is under seven minutes in length and includes locations ranging from an empty rooftop bar to a waterfront wooden pier. In addition to the weekly premieres, each piece was accompanied by a behind-the-scenes documentary following the challenges faced and discoveries made during this uncharted creative process. SDC also offered online classes throughout the series, taught by artists involved in each week’s released new work.

Five World Premieres

Filmed by Henry Wurtz

Home by Penny Saunders | July 2, 2020 at 6:00PM (PDT)

Dancers: Elle Macy & Dylan Wald

Music: Michael Wall

Drawing inspiration from audio recordings of the dancers, Elle Macy and Dylan Wald, this vignette celebrates the pure delight two individuals can find in the world when they view it through the lens of love.

The Only Thing You See Now by SeaPertls | July 9, 2020 at 6:00PM (PDT)

Dancers: Miles Pertl & Leah Terada

Music: Original composition by Jason Webley

A duet set against the backdrop of the Seattle waterfront. Staying afloat, making waves.


The Only Thing You See Now is generously underwritten by Dan & Pam Baty

A Headlamp or Two by Beth Terwilleger | July 16, 2020 at 6:00PM (PDT)

Dancers: Stephan Bourgond & Lucien Postlewaite
Music: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata


Sometimes finding absurdity and humor while dealing with excruciating emotional pain is the only way to cope. Sometimes one needs to find laughter in order to be able to find a path to emotional healing. And sometimes a good headlamp is all one needs.

A Headlamp or Two is generously underwritten by Maria Mackey


Musings by Amanda Morgan

(in collaboration with Nia-Amina Minor) | July 23, 2020 at 6:00PM (PDT)

Dancers: Nia-Amina Minor & Amanda Morgan

Music: Hannah Mayree


This piece speaks to the lack of spatial justice for Black and Brown individuals, especially during these times, and seeks to serve as an expression of hope that people will continue to think about their Black and Brown communities, and speak up for them looking ahead to the future. Special thanks to: Ms. Edna Daigre, Randy Ford, Akoiya Harris, Zariyah Quiroz, Kenya Shakoor and Hannah Mayree.

I Was Blind (Mole in the Ground)  by Hannah Mayree Gladstone was recorded by Max Citron/HOMHOMHOM.

Musings is generously underwritten by Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation


The Space Between Us by Bruno Roque | July 30, 2020 at 6:00PM (PDT)

Dancers: Noelani Pantastico & James Yoichi Moore
Music: Alexander Hoeppner’s Pulsating (alternative version)


Whether six feet apart, or thousands of miles through a satellite and fiber optic entanglement, the current distance between us is taking its toll. Beyond the absence of touch, we also miss out on non-verbal cues - when someone’s fidgety while talking, or inhaling quickly in preparation to interrupt. All that richness has been impaired. But hopefully soon, we will return to that bounty of social, physical interaction, and eliminate this space between us.

The Space Between Us is generously underwritten by BuskeConteGraves

Seattle Dance Collective would like to thank our generous partners and supporters

who made this project possible:

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Major Sponsors
Dan & Pam Baty

Jim Cowperthwait

Azlan Ezaddin

Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation

H. David Kaplan

T.R. Ko
Maria Mackey
Cathy Sarkowsky

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