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Our Mission

Seattle Dance Collective is dedicated to nurturing collaboration between dancers and choreographers, and introducing audiences to transformative programs of artistic excellence.

Our story

Seattle Dance Collective (SDC) was founded in 2019 by Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancers Noelani Pantastico and James Yoichi Moore. The initial impetus came from their mutual desire to curate shows enabling them to work directly with certain choreographers and perform specific pieces that, to date, had eluded them. 


During the early, formative conversations, Noelani and James quickly expanded their organizational vision to include a commitment to create unique opportunities for dancers and choreographers to collaborate for artistic inspiration and growth. 


In addition to furthering the development of artists, SDC is also dedicated to expanding audiences and deepening their understanding of the art form.  Through thought-provoking programs, SDC aims to provide the community with new access to the transformative power of dance.

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