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© Angela Sterling


Program One

For Seattle Dance Collective’s inaugural season, Artistic Directors Noelani Pantastico and James Yoichi Moore set out to challenge audience expectations by selecting works from five established and emerging voices in the world of modern ballet and contemporary dance.


The four sold-out performances of Program One took place at Vashon Center for the Arts, July 12-14, 2019, and were met with widespread excitement and critical acclaim.


© Angela Sterling


© Angela Sterling


In a Minute

by American choreographer Penny Saunders

Saunders created this brief, minute-long solo as an amuse-bouche to open Program One

The Grey Area (an excerpt)

by British choreographer David Dawson.

Dawson’s award-winning breakthrough piece points towards a place of no time and no place - a ‘no-man’s land’ - with free-flowing phrases set to Niels Lanz’s haunting score.

Shogun (an excerpt)

by the late Brazilian-Japanese choreographer Ivonice Satie.

Dedicated to Satie’s grandfather who taught her the traditional Japanese arts of laido and Shinto-ryu, Shogun explores the relationship between master and disciple.

Sur le Fil (by a Hair’s Breadth) 

by American choreographer Penny Saunders.

Sur le Fil was inspired by Saunders’ thoughts around the mischievous nature of life, and the common reality we share of having personal secrets that we would prefer kept in the dark.


by Portuguese choreographer Bruno Roque


Anamnesis is a solo piece that touches upon the concept of how defining moments in our formative years leave a permanently ephemeral imprint that echoes throughout one’s existence.


by Portuguese choreographer Bruno Roque


Frugivory is a light, unphilosophical take on the idea that the object of our desire can drive us, or blind us; that we are often “prisoners” of our needs and longings. 


by German choreographer Marco Goecke.

Set to music by C.P.E. Bach and the 80’s rock band The Cramps, Mopey is an inwardly reflective yet volatile solo work—dark, moody and potentially unsettling.

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