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Bruno Roque
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Vanishing Act, A Liminal Space, Here & Now, Alice, Continuum, Program One

Bruno Roque

Bruno Roque was born in Lisbon, Portugal. At the age of thirteen he was accepted into the National Conservatory in Portugal, starting his express route into becoming a professional dancer. After graduating in 1995, he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education to perfect his art at the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 1996, Bruno was offered a contract with the National Ballet of Portugal and in 2001 joined the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Antwerp. From 2004 to 2016 he was a first soloist with the prestigious company, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. During his dancing career, he performed works of celebrated choreographers and worked directly with many of them. In 2007, Bruno created his first piece for the young choreographers initiative at Ballets de Monte Carlo and has done close to 20 creations since. The most recent ones were created right here in Seattle: The Background Hum of Stimuli for contemporary company Whim W’him; Anamnesis for Solo: A Festival of Dance at On The Boards; Frugivory for Seattle Dance Collective’s debut season, and The Space Between Us for the company’s 2020 project, Continuum: Bridging the Distance. In parallel to his choreographic work he has also staged some of Jean-Christophe Maillot’s productions for major companies around the world. Since 2015 Bruno has directed and choreographed a pedagogical project co-produced by Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and the Monaco Ministry of Education. The main goal of this project is to bring dance, music and theatre in a high level context to children (ages approximately 9 to 12) that have no background in any of these disciplines. More than 400 children have been involved in this project since 2015 along with 100 adults, most of them teachers and child therapists.

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